Anderson Real Estate Curriculum

UCLA Anderson Academic Opportunities

The real estate concentration at UCLA Anderson is integrated into the school’s general MBA curriculum. The school’s core MBA curriculum provides a strong base in finance, including Management 408 (Financial Markets) and Management 430 (Corporate Finance) which will serve as prerequisites for all real estate electives.

The following courses are offered to MBA students pursuing a career in real estate. Please consult course schedules and descriptions for more information:

  • Management 278A, Real Estate Finance and Investments
  • Management 278B, Real Estate Securitization: Debt
  • Management 279A, Cases in Real Estate Development
  • Management 279B, Entrepreneurial Real Estate Development
  • Management 298D, Real Estate, The Economy, and Capital Markets
  • Management 298D, Real Estate Law and Taxation
  • Management 298D, Advanced Cases in Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  • Management 298D, Social Entrepreneurship, Housing and Sustainability

Also recommended

  • Management 224, Topics in Business Law
  • Management 227, Taxation and Management Decisions
  • Management 232B, Fixed Income Markets
  • Management 232D, Options Markets

In addition to the above listed classes offered within UCLA Anderson, students can take classes in other UCLA graduate departments, such as Urban Planning, Architecture, and Law

Field Study:

  • An Applied Management Research (AMR) field study project involving real estate is highly recommended. For more information about this graduation requirement, visit the AMR website.

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