The Real Estate Industry
Real estate represents a large and growing industry with multiple opportunities for MBA students across various career paths, including brokerage, consulting, development, financing, investment, and more.

Real Estate and the MBA
While the real estate industry remains one of the greatest arenas of entrepreneurial opportunity, it has also grown increasingly sophisticated and competitive. The successful real estate professional must excel in analyzing the acquisition, financing, and management of land and property within a highly uncertain environment. As such, the MBA skill set has become increasingly attractive within the real estate industry. An MBA degree, combined with business acumen and experience, can result in a prosperous and rewarding career in real estate.

Real Estate at Anderson
Anderson offers a complete real estate education, including a wide range of extracurricular learning to augment a broad academic program. An Anderson MBA will prepare you for a career in the real estate industry. There is no better laboratory for real estate than Los Angeles, and Anderson and AREA
AREA, the student-run real estate club at Anderson, organizes a variety of events, dedicated to enriching the experience of Anderson students.

For more information, contact us at area@anderson.ucla.edu

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